9’6 Cocoflax Endless Longboard Blue


A Soulful longboard for the rider seeking classic style and that endless glide. This is a great board for retailers looking for longboards in a stand- out construction. The CocoFlax construction and its look are visual selling features in an eco-conscious market.

Rail: Medium
Bottom: Concave into flat Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

• The Endless represents a classic era of surfing and is designed for pure longboarders looking for endless glide and soulful expression of their riding.
• Neutral egg-shaped rails with no edges at the tail provoke enough drag to allow noserides, hang tens and other classic moves.

• The Endless models feature a proven design using “V” under the rider’s trim area, giving effortless rail-to-rail transitions and drop knee cutties.
• The bottom shape combined with the signature tucked-edge rail design delivers a better response while providing a controlled and stylish performance in small to over head-sized waves.

A square tail releases quick, allowing for speed and uninhibited glide, aided by the parallel outline of the rails. The Flax version of the Endless comes with a tail patch for additional durability, while the Blue version does without it, tipping the scales a little less. The NSP Endless is a Kym Thompson shape.

Length 9’6’’

Width 23’’

Thickness 3 1/4’’

Volume 74.4 L

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