5’6 Protech Fish Grey


Not just a groveler – our Fish is stable, wide and flatter-rockered and will outpaddle most shortboards. They’re fast, fun and perfect for ripping in all kinds of real-world conditions.

Rail : Boxy
Bottom : Concave into V Ideal waves : 1-6ft
Level : Beginner – Expert

• Carbon tail helps tune tail flex, mimicking the flex patterns of pro customs.
• Wide nose creates more volume for added buoyancy providing more stability, faster paddling, and easy entry into the smallest waves with quick acceleration.

• Rocker and rail outline are combined with single to double concave bottom, with vee through the tail incorporated into a wide swallowtail.
• The slight hip behind the front fins reduces the area under the back foot creating a pivot point for snappy turns. Boxy and full rails also add to the overall volume and forgiving nature of this model.
• The Fish performance delivers traction, down the line speed and maximum drive over the attest of sections.
• A tri-fin thruster setup guarantees speed and liveliness, with enough hold to ride out a line.
• Comes supplied with fins.

Anyone who surfs has the perfect spot for a Fish nearby. All it takes is small- to medium surf and an abundance of mush.

Length 5’6’’

Width 19 3/4’’

Thickness 2 1/8’’

Volume 33.0 L

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