Channel Islands and Lost boards on sale

We have the Channel Islands Fish and the Lost Uber Driver models on sale. Check out the video below.

The all-new CI Fish is our Next Gen “fish” shape—thinned-out and tuned-up for added performance, making it a versatile craft that can energize your average grovel sesh one day then have you screaming down-the-line on clean, head high points the next. CI pro team riders all say that the CI Fish is faster than greased lightning and zips through any flat sections with ease.

CI Fish available in 5’6 and 5’8 and 5’10. Reduced from €650 to €550. Click here

Uber” means excessive, beyond, and above all. The new Uber Driver is just that. Excessive fun, beyond expectations and above all – a great everyday surfboard. It’s designed to further blend the barriers between hybrids and Pro-Formance surfboards.

Lost Uber Driver available in 5’8 and 5’10 and 6’0. Reduced from €640 to €599. click here