Christmas Surfboards

6'3'' Torq epoxy fish

Ok it is still 6 weeks away but there is no stopping it – Christmas is coming.  We have a lot of people calling and emailing at the moment asking about surfboards for Christmas. So we thought it might be useful to give some advice for purchasing boards for beginner and intermdiate level surfers.

Surboard deliveries in Ireland

At the moment the couriers in Ireland will only deliver boards up to and including 6’8 – we can ship these boards to anywhere in Ireland for free with next day delivery.

For boards bigger than 6’8 they can be collected in store or we will will be doing free delivery to Hueston Station Dublin at 6.30pm on Friday November 29th. UK board sites can deliver boards over 6’8 to Ireland but the cost is around €100 (£85).

Board dimensions:

Boards now have 4 dimensions.

length of the board – in feet and inches;

width of the board at the widest point – in inches;

thickness/volume of the side of the board – in inches;

litres – the overall litres of the board is a combination of the length and width and volume.

If you are looking at boards then it is not just about the length – you also need to look at the width and thickness and litres, as well as the overall shape. As a general rule, stay away from boards with a pointed nose – beginner surfers will want a board that is wide through the nose. We have seen a lot of people over the years with the wrong boards, so please call or email us for advice.

Boards for beginner surfers

If you are buying for a beginner surfer then you will most likely be looking at something in the 6’8-8’0 size range. A 6’8 is a good size for a young surfer starting off. A 7’2 would be ideal for a light adult or teenager. The 7’6 is probably the most popular all round beginner size, and the 8’0 is for someone a bit taller or heavier.

We would recommend the Blanks or Torq range for these sizes. The Blanks Big One comes in 6’8, 7’2 and 7’6. Torq do a big range of boards and it is one of the most recognised board brands on the planet at the moment. They do 6’8, 7’2, 7’6, 8’0 and 8’6. All our Torq and Blanks boards come with free leash, fins and wax included in the price. To see the full range click here.


Boards for intermediate level surfers

The intermediate level surfer will be looking for something they can start to turn from left to right on a green wave, while also needing something that will have enough paddling power to catch lots of waves. For a lot of surfers they will have started off on something in the 7’6 range and they are looking for something shorter and more manouverable. As a general rule they should drop about 6-8 inches in board length but keep the board quite wide through the nose. The Blanks Big One in 6’4, 6’8 or 7’2 is a good step down board with lots of volume and a decent level of performance. The Torq 6’6, 6’8 and 7’2 are popular sizes for someone moving from their beginner board. All our Torq and Blanks boards come with free leash, fins and wax included in the price. To see the full range click here.