Bradley and Phipps test drive boards

We have teamed up with top shapers Christian Bradley and Mark Phipps to offer a range of test drive performance boards. If you want to try one out give us a call or email to reserve your board of choice. The idea is to give you a chance to try out all the different models and if you find one you like and want to order it we can do that for you. Check out all the board images in the gallery below.


Phipps 5’10 Caviar

Following the raging sucess of the One Bad Egg Mark has designed the  Caviar. The Caviar is the reduced length version of the One Bad Egg and incorporating a Fish tail. This board will cover any conditions from2 to 6 foot and with its amazing paddling speed will get you into any wave you want. Incredible drive and ease at turning this is the one board quiver.


Phipps 6′ 0 Twin

The MP twin was born from the need for speed and freedom. This board will turn faster than any board you have ever ridden. It will give you a turning arc on even the smallest of waves. When the waves get good it will just get better, bring back the off the tops from yesterday with today’s flair and precision.


Phipps 6′ 10 One Bad Egg

The One Bad Egg by Phipps is a Hipsters delight. Clean lines of a performance egg with low rails and slight concave to V bottom. This board is amazing in big overhead surf with incredible paddle power and incredible drive. Perfect in waist high waves when looking for comfort and turning power. Undoubtedly the BEST egg on the market in the world today.


Bradley 5’9 Chocolatine

Named after Bradley’s favourite French Breakfast snack the Chocolatine is the board to help you start the day right. It is an evolution of the 2014 Best Seller “The Pie” with its tail pulled in to handle hollower waves. The wide point is forward giving it paddling power,  the lower rocker makes generating speed easy and the 5 fin setup means it can be surfed in any conditions in any way. The Chocolatine is a world traveler. If you can only afford one board this year, the Chocolatine is it!


Bradley 5′ 11 Roman

Leo Fioravanti everyday high performance shortboard. This one we dropped the nose rocker slightly and ran it into a flatter belly rocker for typical beach breaks that can be hollow or full on the same wave. The flatter belly allows the board to run on the flats but the tail flip on this model lets you turn radically tight with control when you drop that explosive turn. This board carries slightly more volume than a standard CB1 so its great in all beachies. The Roman is a full high performance shape as you would expect ridden by some of the worlds best.


Bradley 6′ 3 Solution

Taken from a high performance shape that was tested by pros CB added volume where he could. Suited to surfers with a good ability level but maybe lacking fitness not being able to surf every week. Loads of drive and hold and maintains speed with minimal effort. This board is designed for older experienced surfers so the dimensions represent this. If you have 1 board, this would be it. Volume under chest and slightly rear make this board very user friendly. Great allrounder and perfect for a one board surf trip.